Cork Flooring Pros And Cons

Published: 25th February 2011
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The following article briefly covers cork flooring pros and cons and additional basement floor covering troubles homeowners deal with. When people consider renovating or upgrading flooring in their basement the prospective owner of the home has perhaps anticipated what is necessary already. Choosing the ideal basement floor covering might be complex because circumstances in the home’s basement can differ periodically. Flooring in a cellar can in fact be heated, cool, and moist and might be prone to water leakage and water seepage can result in mildew and mold problems. If this kind of fungus disturbs the basement flooring it is likely that the flooring will need replacement once the homeowner or professional finds and fixes the water issue. If a homeowner fails to take care of the mold problems in the flooring the mildew will continue to grow and create a foul musty-smelling aroma and health issues.

Certainly, it is important to choose flooring that will last throughout any kind of environmental condition and change that occurs in basements. Cork floors can be a great choice because manufacturers produce it by way of all-natural components. Cork is additionally an easy maintenance type of flooring and simple to install. Furthermore, it does not produce elements that worsen an allergy or asthma. Additional types of floor covering products might consist of compounds that have unkind smells that intensify allergies or asthma symptoms.

As with most home flooring products there are a few cork flooring pros and cons. Cork’s all-natural characteristics are certainly worth the money folks spend, especially folks who are concerned about having a healthy indoor environment and care to avoid breathing in unkind chemical smells. However it is an expensive choice for cellar flooring. Conversely, cork acts as an excellent heat-proofing and soundproofing element but it is softer and easy to puncture or gouge. Homeowners can choose to stain cork flooring though, which protects it from easy scratching and gouging. Because it is from a reconditioned type resource it is perfectly ecologically sociable, otherwise known as eco-friendly or environment friendly. When talking about cork flooring pros and cons though a con about it is that if it becomes moist it can bloat.

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